Transport & logistics

World Infinity Services excels in logistics and global transportation of radioactive materials and radiopharmaceutical products.

Our dedicated staff and drivers prioritize safety, security, compliance, and excellence while remaining flexible and dependable. Rely on our validated operational system, complete with cutting-edge planning and precise monitoring.

Our strategic location at the heart of Europe grants us access to multiple airports, enabling swift global reach.

Additionally, we offer flight bookings and customs clearance through our airfreight partners.

Specializing in Just-In-Time delivery, we eliminate stress from the process through continuous communication and follow-up.

Transparent and Cost-Efficient Solutions

We provide transparent, reliable information to our customers and partners at all levels, selecting transport solutions after thorough analysis and financial evaluation.

Our commitment to quality service extends to the optimization of available resources, including qualified partners, well-trained drivers, up-to-date vehicles, and secure storage facilities.

Charter services

For urgent radioisotope transport, we offer dedicated charter flights through trusted partners.

Our comprehensive services cover every aspect, from pick-up to final delivery, including administrative tasks and real-time monitoring, ensuring the highest service standards.

Consultancy & feasability

We conduct feasibility studies, comparing various transport options in terms of regulations, permits, and route efficiency.

Our experts advise on safety, security, and licensing concerns specific to your needs, even applying for permits on behalf of third parties.

Our commitment to staying current with national and international regulations ensures the highest standards of quality, safety, and security.


In addition to standard CMR insurance, we offer extra insurance coverage for your high-value radiopharmaceuticals throughout the entire transport chain, including portions handled by our transport partners on the road and in the air.

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World Infinity Services is dedicated to the worldwide transport and logistics of radioactive materials and radiopharmaceutical products.